Structure Design

We can help you with your packaging structural design needs from concept to sample presentation and ensure that the structures meet the testing requirements of retailers. We can help you cut down your cost on packaging through right sizing and container optimization.

Professional Photography Design

We offer professional western style photography that will enhance the visual impact of your packaging and make it stand out from the rest.

Improve your brand image and value.

Color Management & Technology Support

Print Management of packaging produced in our factories ensures a level of quality that will consistently meet or exceed the requirements our customers by monitoring press runs and performing audits. The use of X-rite and I1 allow us to match approved colors that result to consistency of your packaging at the store level.

Printing Production

We have five factory locations to serve your packaging needs. Our factories are equipped with modern facilities manned by professional and skilled technicians and workers. Quality assurance is a priority in our factories which result in trust and good relationship with our customers.

Lab Testing

We have our own lab we can do BCT, ECT, Rubbing Testing, Drop Testing etc. in our factory and office. We have a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped testing lab that conducts over 10 standard performance tests. Our quality control methods help to ensure brand consistency in all of product suppliers.